5 Products Worth More Than Their Price Tag


The purpose of this site is to make adventure accessible. It’s to help you to incorporate the extraordinary into your life without spending tons of money or taking lots of time off work. In keeping with this mission, I try to avoid recommending purchases as much as I can. After all, I’m trying to keep my own spending to a minimum. However, there are cases where buying something leads you to have more experiences, and is therefore more than material gain. A few purchases I’ve made (or gifts I’ve received) have, in my opinion, been worth far more than their price. Therefore, I believe these items still fit within the mold for recommendations I make here. These things continuously bring more value to my life than the money spent on them did. 

Intuitive Eating Update

Mind and Body

It’s been a while since I’ve written about intuitive eating, but I wanted to check in here with a disclaimer and an update.  Though I’ve been working with the principles for a year and a half, I still don’t have this figured out. I certainly don’t eat intuitively 100% of the time, and I struggle to decipher what the heck my body needs. I do, however continue to come back to intuitive eating, which has made all the difference.

Travel Resources for your Next Adventure

Adventuring, Thoughts

When it comes to traveling on a budget, I’ve relied heavily on several resources to make my plans into reality. Many of the resources below have been mentioned in some of my other posts because they became integral to a particular trip or adventure. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re planning a trip anytime soon. 

A Pennsylvania (mini) Roadtrip


One of my best friends and I have been trying to plan a road trip across Pennsylvania for three years. We’d seen and heard about must-see places in our home-state and had collected ideas for our trip. But each summer, cars or jobs or obligations kept us in a close radius to home. This year, despite the fact that we only had about one week that we would both be home, we were determined to make it happen.

8 Things to do on a Spring Day in NYC


Before heading home after the spring semester, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in NYC, and even luckier to do so with my boyfriend. We found ourselves with a full day of sunshine between two incredibly rainy ones, and set out to make the most of it without a detailed schedule or an extensive budget. I really feel that the universe was on our side here because it was a well spent NYC spring day.

My Favorite Manhattan Coffee Shops


One of my favorite ways to spend spare hours is in a coffee shop with my laptop or a book. I love the atmosphere, the conversations, the smell of coffee, and the satisfaction of becoming engrossed in reading or writing for a while.

Naturally, when I started an internship in NYC this semester, I quickly noticed the array of different coffee shops on my path to work. Any days I had spare time, I would pick a new shop to visit. After lots of caffeine and several months of city travel, I have a list of my favorites.