Farmhouse Kitchen: Something New


This post is a little different from what I’ve written so far, but it’s something I’m really excited about and dying to share.

I’m a nutrition nerd. Seriously, I get excited about yogurt and antioxidants and organic fruit–I even took AP Chemistry because for a while I wanted to be a nutritionist. I spend hours concocting healthy desserts and trying to get my friends to taste them. I even made my own little “gummies” for fuel during the half marathon I ran this spring, to avoid the energy gels that are full of artificial everything. That’s not to say I don’t also love cupcakes and brownies and milkshakes, because I absolutely do, but not as a daily thing. Typically, the stuff that tastes good and is also good for me is more my jam.

So when I heard about a new farm-to-table cafe opening nearby, I was probably a little too excited. I’m sure my friends think I’m crazy for telling everyone about this cool new place with grass-fed everything and organic juice and local ice cream, but that’s okay (right?). Anyway, before they opened shop, Farmhouse Kitchen held an open house during an annual street fair. It was there that I learned a little more about the owners and their ideals.

And got even more excited.

Farmhouse 1

To start, Farmhouse Kitchen is an organic cafe and juice bar in Reading, Pennsylvania that serves a variety of healthy breakfast and lunch options from their simple, well-crafted menu. From espresso and kombucha to avocado toast to accessorized BLT’s, there’s something for everyone, regardless of their “health-nut” status. I took my younger sisters, who are usually skeptical when it comes to my healthy-food adventures, but they loved it! They enjoyed yogurt parfaits, organic orange juice and the country-chic decor.


But honestly, that’s just the beginning. The owners, Martie Samuel and Joel Moceri, have a vision that goes far beyond serving up a nutritious breakfast. They have their eyes set on creating a close-knit community based on education, impact, and support of local businesses in a comfortable, joyful setting.

Everything about this place is exciting.

  • They plan to host cooking classes, health forums, and workshops.
  • Their ingredients are locally sourced, and they feature treats from various local bakeries and dairies.
  • They’re sustainability-minded: they use ceramic cookware to prevent food contamination and avoid microwaving, which reduces energy needs. They do not use plastic or styrofoam.
  • Even their lighting is health minded! (read about it here)
  • They strive to promote a culture of mental and physical wellness through strong community engagement and health education.
  • One look at their in-depth staff bios shows that Farmhouse Kitchen is committed to building a team of passionate, enthusiastic workers. Each member’s backstory reveals their dedication to and interest in the restaurant’s ideals. Clearly, these people love what they do, and they want to show others why.


I could say so much more, but their website does a fantastic job. Take a look. And if you live in the area, I highly recommend checking out Farmhouse Kitchen. I assure you you’ll be met with smiling faces and an energetic atmosphere.



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