How to Create a Simple Birch Tree Painting

Recipes and Tutorials

I’ve seen tutorials for projects like this all over Pinterest for years, and I’ve always wanted to try it out. I love the simplicity of the process and the gorgeous finished product.

Although, as I mentioned, there are many tutorials available for this project, I used this one from Angela Anderson.  (I did skip the addition of the circle stamping, but my friends tried it and theirs look great, too!)

This painting is so simple. You really don’t need any artistic talent or precision. It would be a great activity for summer camp or just babysitting young children, but it’s classy enough to be appealing to all ages.

Basically, you start with two or three different widths of painters’ or masking tape, and arrange them vertically on your canvas. These will be your trees.

Then, choose two or three colors of acrylic paint for your background. Angela goes for a sunset look in her tutorial. A sponge brush works best for applying this paint. Now is the time to apply the circle prints if you’d like.

Now you can remove the tape to reveal your blank trees, and use a credit card and black paint to create a realistic birch tree pattern in seconds!

That’s all it takes.

I experimented with several different colors for different looks, and I’m really happy with the way they turned out! These would make a great gift or decoration for yourself.


I also love the idea of adding a gold-leaf heart with initials, which would be perfect for an anniversary.

The Takeaway:

I definitely recommend this project for a party or camp activity, a night in with friends, or just as a quick DIY project.


  • Lay out trash bags, newspaper, or a painting tarp before you begin.
  • Make sure to paint the edges of the canvas- both with the background color and the birch tree pattern- for a finished look.
  • Try out different color combinations.

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How To Create a Simple Birch Tree Painting

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