Basic Woodburning Project

Recipes and Tutorials

I wasn’t going to buy the woodburner. Really, I wasn’t. I thought “Well those projects look cool but I have a million other mediums to work with right now.”

But then it was only $13.

And I had a 50% off coupon.

And it was right there.

Long story short, I now have a wood burner. And I’m glad.

It’s not something I use all that regularly, but I have created some nice gifts with, it so I’d say  $6.50 was 100% worth it.

My most recent woodburning adventure was a birthday gift for my mom, who happens to be absolutely fantabulous in every way.

Once you choose what design/lettering/illustration you want to burn, there are two basic ways to do you.

You can go the graphite-transfer route:

  • print or draw your design on paper
  • cover the back of the paper in graphite with a pencil
  • lay the paper on top of the wood
  • trace the design on top of the paper using a pen or sharp pencil
  • remove the paper to see your transferred design
  • follow the pencil lines with the woodburner

Or freehand:

  • lightly draw design directly onto wood
  • trace with woodburner

Both are pretty straightforward, but look at the lovely possibilities:

The Takeaway:

Even though I don’t use it too much, I’m glad I have some experience with woodburning. Simple projects like this, done on tree segments or wooden signs from any craft store, make beautiful and rustic decor.


  • If you use the freehand method, don’t rely on erasing mistakes in your design. It’s not like erasing on paper, and doing it too much will produce a gray and messy appearance.
  • Most beginner wood burning kits come with several attachments and directions on what lines each does best. Follow these for best results.
  • Allow the tool to cool completely before switching attachments.
  • Allow the tool to heat up for at least 5 minutes (this will vary by tool) before use to ensure the cleanest lines.

If you try this or any other adventure, show me on Instagram with #thetakeonadventure. If you’re interested in buying any of my creations, visit the Contact page and send me a message 🙂

Have an idea for my next adventure? Leave a comment!


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