Wire Floral Crowns with Nail Polish: A Pinterest Conundrum

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Today I take on another long-time Pinterest project: Wire floral crowns, complete with suspended nail polish coloring.

wire flowers

These are gorgeous, but I was skeptical. In every source I’ve found for these images, little to no explanation of the steps was provided. That, combined with the fact that the photos suggest one can simply brush over the wire petals with nail polish for a beautiful, lacquered texture, made this tutorial  seem too good to be true.

But I had some wire hanging around, so I tried it out.

I was surprised how easy it was to shape the flowers. To create the petals, i wound the wire around the handle of a wooden spoon, twisted the wire, and repeated four times. I left a varying amount of wire for each flower’s stem, so that I had freedom when it came to attaching them to the crown. I gave each at least a 2 inch stem,though.

The tutorial gives no indication of how many flowers are necessary, so I just used up the remainder of the wire I had, which gave me more than enough flowers.

Then came the moment of truth: Would the beautiful nail-polish trick work?

(Yeah, I know, I should have tried it out on one of the flowers before I made 878485287485. Hindsight is 20/20)

The short answer is yes, it works. Due to the surface tension that can be created in the loops of the wire petals, it is possible to create a bubble of color.

If you’re patient.

And precise.

And have a lot of nail polish to spare.

It starts with the way you form the petals. You have to be sure to twist the ends of each one to create a closet loop in which the bubble can form.

The loops must be small enough so that your nail polish brush and reach all the way across, even at the petal’s widest point.

Use a new bottle of polish if you can. The brush has to be as full of nail polish as possible when you paint over the petal, so don’t wipe it off on the inside of the bottle like you would while painting your nails. Let the bulb of paint stay there.

Touch the brush to the petal, and slide it horizontally down the petal’s length, making sure the brush is always touching the wire.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I was only able to make it happen a few times. I realized too late that my petals were too large and not all closed, which didn’t help. So while I don’t have a stunning wire crown with lacquered petals, I’m not quite willing to call this one a “Pinterest Fail,” because some people have gotten it to work, for this and other projects. But I couldn’t this time.

Still, I didn’t want to scrap my project completely, so I simply painted the wire flowers with the nail polish before turning them into a crown (which I did through a modified version of my floral crown tutorial, simply winding the wire around the base before the first layer of tape and forgoing the second layer for ribbon).

Sometimes things don’t work.

That’s okay.

The Takeaway:

This project is definitely doable, but it demands some precision with wire, a large supply of nail polish, and a whole lot of patience. Check out this tutorial for more tips on making the nail polish-bubble technique work for you.



  • Protect the surface you’re working on to avoid nail polish stains.
  • Make sure the petals you form close completely.
  • Do not make the petals wider than the length of your nail polish brush so that the brush and touch the wire the entire time as you apply paint.
  • Use a new bottle (or bottles) of nail polish.

If you try this out, use the hashtag #thetakeonadventure!


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