10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

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‘Tis the season for candy corn, creepy stories, and costumes!

I’ve forever been the world’s biggest Halloween fan. I used to plan out my costumes in July, researching to find just the right persona to take on for that one magical night. No one in my immediate family is very skilled in the sewing department, so we usually had store-bought costumes. Still, our holiday was rich with tradition. Each year, on the first Friday of October, my mom took my sisters and I to good old Party City, where we’d spend a couple of hours and a small fortune for cheap, polyester costumes. The store was crowded and dirty and the staff got annoyed at us for requesting so many different sizes and outfits. I loved every second of it.

As I got older though, the outrages prices and limited selection (*cough cough* “Sexy Fillintheblank” for $49.95) weren’t as appealing to me. When I was younger, I’d be at halloween parties and parades and maybe even trick-or treat more than once. But it didn’t seem worth it to spend so much for 1 night. So I turned to the world of DIY. Way more fun.

These costumes require little to no more than most people can find in their closet or at Goodwill, and they’re sure to make for a fun October 31st.

  1. Mime

DIY Mime CostumeThis is cute and super recognizable. You can keep it basic and just do black pants, striped shirt, red scarf, and makeup and people will figure it out. If you’ve got a little bit more of a budget, add a beret, while gloves, and suspenders and make sure everyone knows that you’re “in a box.”

2. Darla from Finding Nemo

IMG_2884 (1)

I did this one while I still had braces and it was a hit. I didn’t have the exact right colors, but people still understood who I was. I attached a loop of pliable wire to a plastic headband for Darla’s orthodontic apparatus and I bought a small Nemo figurine to put in a plastic bag (of air, not water), so that I could authentically deliver her signature line everywhere I went: “Fishie! WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING?”

3. Wednesday Addams 

Image result for diy wednesday addams costume


Most of us have a black dress and boots in our closet. Put your hair in two braids and you’re set. You could also DIY a while collar for a really authentic look.

4. Fairy 

There are so many possibilities here, but what I like about it is that so much can be done with the makeup.  Choose a whimsical dress (or any skirt/pant/top combo) and some flat shoes and then go to town with eye shadow and glitter.

5. Mary Poppins "Last minute costume: Mary Poppins" by thingsarebetternow ❤ liked on Polyvore

via https://www.polyvore.com/last_minute_costume_mary_poppins/set?.embedder=11965277&.svc=pinterest&id=139060813

I think this one is adorable and pretty easy to throw together at the last minute. The white shirt and black skirt are wardrobe staples, and you may be able to borrow a bow tie from a friend. If not, they sell them by color at Party City, and you can probably find a hat there, too!

6. Comic Book Man 

pop art

Normal street clothes are fine for this one, depending on what character you make yourself. Again, the makeup really makes it. If you have that, you can probably get away without buying anything.

7. Skeleton

Related image


 Youtube has 23847039893409123 tutorials for skeleton makeup, so while it might take some practice, you can give yourself a pretty realistic skull face for nothing more than the price of the makeup. You could make this a full body thing and get clothes with the bones printed on them, or maybe tatter up some clothes to look like a decomposing body. Alternatively, just wear normal clothes and be a skeleton hiding among the living.

8. Wizard

DIY Wizard Costume Tutorial by scratchandstitch.com


Graduation robes make a great base for wizard costumes.  If you don’t haveany yourself, you can almost always find some at Goodwill. With a few accessories, you’ve got a spirited (and comfortable) costume ready.

9.Wind-up Doll


It doesn’t get much easier than this: make a handle from cardboard and attach it to your back!  You can really wear anything, but I like the way dresses (along with makeup) give that creepy-doll effect. Also consider dressing up as a specific character that might have their own wind-up toy. Bonus if you can walk around like one.

10. Mad Scientist 

How to Make a Mad Scientist Costume


You can find a lab coat (or over-sized white dress shirt) at Goodwill or online for fairly cheap, and after that all you really have to do is spray the heck out of your hair and make your face look like it’s been through a few lab mishaps.

Happy October, everyone!

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