30(ish) Day Challenges


I recently listened to an episode of The Healthy Maven podcast that featured Pheobe Lapine. To find balance in life with an autoimmune disease, Pheobe committed herself to what she called The Wellness project. She spent each month of a year focused on a different aspect of wellness. For example, she spent January without alcohol, caffeine, or sugar,  May concentrating on the health of her posture and back, and September focused on sleep.

The idea of taking 30(ish) days to learn and develop one aspect of life really interested me, because I feel, as Pheobe did, that we are often guilted with a myriad of things we should be doing on a daily basis, whether for health, success, or general personal development.  However, this format provides an opportunity to concentrate on one thing and develop habits one at a time. The idea is not to strictly attempt to accumulate a new habit every month, but to deeply explore an aspect of your life and learn what works for you. From there, some things will naturally stick with you and become long-term habits. Ideally, those are the important ones. I love that this project encourages trying new things and experiencing them fully.

So I’m going to try my own version of a Wellness Project, tailored to my goals and needs .

I don’t have the whole year planned out yet, because I know I will encounter new ideas as I go, but for January, I have been and will be working on writing. On each day of this month, I will write for at least thirty minutes. I’m interested in pursuing several types of writing in my career, and its simply an essential skill in any field, so I want to develop it as much as I can. It’s also one of the best ways for me to convey my ideas. I’m sure not every day will yield spectacular writing, but the more I write, the better my odds are, right?

In addition to this daily writing, I will spend time learning about various writers and writing styles.

I hope to

  • soften the daunting task of sitting down to write
  • write for a variety of genres: blog posts, scripts, journaling, etc.
  • develop stronger verbal communication skills

Want to join me on my first challenge, or have one of your own? Share it with me with the hashtag #30ishdaychallenges.

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