An NYC Adventure


One of the perks of going to school on Long Island is the proximity to New York City. Since September, I’ve gotten a (loose) grasp on public transportation and can get from school to train to city pretty easily. I even took on buses last semester to visit a friend in New Jersey.

Last weekend, that same friend and I met up in the city and had such a great day that I can’t shut up about it.

We didn’t do anything super out-there, we just explored and enjoyed and had a great time catching up along the way.


We met around ten Sunday morning near Penn Station, and set off on a 30ish minute walk to Greenwich Village. I’d been dying to visit a certain restaurant for months, and I finally had someone willing to make the mini-trek with me. Our destination was OatMeals, an oatmeal bar on West 3rd street that was literally made for me. Oatmeal is one of my favorite things on the planet and I have at times eaten it several times a day. And OatMeals does the breakfast staple right. They serve a variety of sweet, savory, and dessert oatmeal, sold in the most adorable array of sizes: Baby Bear, Mama Bear, and Papa Bear.


After reading reviews online, I figured we would have a long wait and probably have to take it to go because of limited seating inside. However, we were able to walk right up to the counter when we entered, and minutes later we were seated in the cozy cafe with a warm, hearty breakfast before us.


I chose The Hot Date, a sweet one with all of my favorite toppings: dates, pecans, granola, honey, and peanut butter. Bella had a savory oatmeal that included spices, cheese, and a poached egg. (I also recommend getting an oatmeal cookie for later when you are sad that your OatMeals experience has ended) We were both quite happy with our choices.

After that, as we debated what to do next, I found that DŌ, the edible cookie dough confectionary, was only a few hundred feet away. So obviously, we went there.


Again, we really lucked out. Despite all the stories I’ve heard about lines that go around the block, we didn’t wait at all (once I decided what to get, that is, because there are sooo many options). I was even able to sample flavors before buying. I guess my reccomendation for both places would be that Sunday mornings are gold.

I ended up getting sugar cookie dough for me and chocolate chip cookie dough for my roommate, who had tried to go once but faced an endless line. I got the smallest size for both of us, which turned out to be perfect, since even I, sugar queen, couldn’t eat it all at once. I ordered them to go, and then Bella and I set off to return to the theatre district.


On the way, we wandered through Washington Square Park and admired this cool installation.

We also made a stop at Eataly, one of Bella’s favorite locations. There we browsed for a while before sitting down for a gourmet snack of meats, cheeses, spreads, and breads.


Finally, we headed for Friedman Theatre, where we saw the final performance of The Children, a play presented by the Manhattan Theatre Club about a group of retired engineers in the aftermath of a nuclear war.


While the show wasn’t quite what either of us expected, the writing was phenomenal and we had plenty talk about over coffee at Frission Espresso, afterwards.

Frission Espresso

It was a simple and spontaneous day, but wholeheartedly joyful one. I made such lovely memories and got to spend time with a fabulous person. This adventure was definitely a win.


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