7 Things To Do Over Spring Break


College spring breaks are quickly approaching, if not already here, and if you’re still shaking off the boredom of winter break, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Visit hometown friends.

Since spring break doesn’t usually revolve around a holiday, the dates can be anywhere from late February to mid April. That means you very well may not be home when your friends are, which makes it a great time to go visit them at school. Take a weekend to check out life on another campus, maybe in another state. Meet your friend’s friends and enjoy being in a new place.

2. Visit college friends.

If you go to school a plane ride away from home, but your new friends live an hour away from campus, stay with them. You’ll save airfare and get the chance to see a new place and meet the people closest to your friend. Get a personal tour and hit up their favorite restaurants, parks, and local landmarks. If you’re the close one, host a friend for the week.

3.  Go on an alternative spring break service trip.

Lots of schools and organizations offer service learning trips over spring break. Some are free or have scholarship opportunities, while others are more costly and involved, but there is often a chance to earn credits while doing community service across the country or across the world.

4. Look for a summer job.

Every college student will be looking for work come May, so it’s good to get a head start by applying and/or interviewing over spring break. You’ll beat the rush and have more peace of mind for the remainder of the semester.

5. Go for a hike.

Ok,  so I’m partial to this one because I love hiking and go to school on Long Island, where everything is pretty flat, so I’m pumped to go home to the hills. If unpredictable spring weather and local geography permits, find a long local hike and spend an afternoon outside before the summer heat sets in.

6. Host or shop at yard sales.

Whether you are in need of new dorm furniture or want to get rid of some, spring is the season to do it. Lots of communities host major yard sales so you can hit several at once, or host your own.


7. Head to an amusement park.

Depending on where you live, the parks may just be opening for the season, which often means discounted entry prices and the shortest lines you’ll see all year.

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