My Favorite Manhattan Coffee Shops


One of my favorite ways to spend spare hours is in a coffee shop with my laptop or a book. I love the atmosphere, the conversations, the smell of coffee, and the satisfaction of becoming engrossed in reading or writing for a while.

Naturally, when I started an internship in NYC this semester, I quickly noticed the array of different coffee shops on my path to work. Any days I had spare time, I would pick a new shop to visit. After lots of caffeine and several months of city travel, I have a list of my favorites.

  1. Bird and Branch

I mentioned this one in another post, but it’s worth repeating. Bird and Branch was less than a block from the Film Center where I did my internship, so I stopped in more than once. Each unique specialty drink on the menu is named after a bird. This is a Nightingale, which is earl grey and turbinado sugar steeped milk poured over espresso.


While their drinks are somewhat pricey, the shop has a great mission and works constantly to give back to their community. The first time I visited, the entire day’s proceeds were being donated to Restore NYC.

  1. Birch Coffee

Birch has several locations throughout the city, but I went to the Flatiron Birch at 21 East 27th Street, which I love because of its iconic library-like nook and ample seating space. I highly recommend the cold brew.



  1. Bibble and Sip

This is a unique shop featuring beautiful French- and Asian-style pastries and awesome specialty drinks with house-made ingredients. They are well known for their flavored cream puffs, but my favorites are their floats, which are iced coffee or tea drinks with rich, flavored cream foam on top. I’m a fan of the Black Float, which has salted vanilla cream foam.


This place tends to be pretty packed, though, so you might not want to plan on sitting to do work here.

  1. Remi Flowers and Coffee

I’d been dying to visit Remi for months, and when I finally got there, it did not disappoint. The aroma of fresh cut flowers welcomes you into the bustling shop, where florists craft beautiful arrangements while baristas create art with espresso and milk. It feels like a breath of fresh air to sit inside and take in the beauty around you.


  1. Tianti Books and Cafe

This place is, I feel, a hidden gem right in the craziness of Midtown Manhattan. It’s a beautiful shop with plenty of seating, and it seems to be quiet no matter what time I go in. They specialize in Chinese spiritual literature, and the staff is super friendly and helpful, whether your questions are about coffee or Falun Dafa meditation. They have lots of food options as well, but I’m content with their basic drip coffee.


Enjoy! And New Yorkers- let me know what I’m missing out on and comment your favorite coffee shops 🙂


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