8 Things to do on a Spring Day in NYC


Before heading home after the spring semester, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in NYC, and even luckier to do so with my boyfriend. We found ourselves with a full day of sunshine between two incredibly rainy ones, and set out to make the most of it without a detailed schedule or an extensive budget. I really feel that the universe was on our side here because it was a well spent NYC spring day.

  1. Remi Flowers and Coffee

We started out the day at Remi, a spot I’ve been wanting to visit for ages. It did not disappoint (and even made my “Favorite Coffee Shops in Manhattan” list). Where else can you sit sipping a lavender latte, surrounded by beautiful flowers and talented florists crafting arrangements? Very delicious, very pretty, very spring.


  1. The Highline

The highline is an elevated park created on a former railroad on the west side of Manhattan. It features a 1.45 mile raised walkway and abundant greenery, and allows you to see the city from an entirely new perspective. One of my favorite parts about it was seeing all the murals.

IMG_4252 2

We were there around noon on a beautiful May Saturday, so needless to say it was pretty packed. Think boardwalk around the fourth of July. If you can go at less of a peak time, I’d advise that, but even though it was very crowded, the walk was a lot of fun.

  1. Chelsea Market

Towards the end of the highline, you can return to street level and enjoy a snack at Chelsea Market. There’s a wide variety of shops and eateries to choose from, both in and around the market itself. As you can see, we found everything we wanted 🙂


  1. The Vessel

The Vessel is a giant sculpture consisting of 154 flights of stairs, meant to be climbed and explored. It is located in Hudson Yards and is part of the redevelopment project there. The top boasts a great view of the area if you aren’t too afraid of heights.


Tickets are completely free. You simply have to stand in line to get one, and then come back at your designated time slot to actually make the climb.

  1. Milk Bar

What better way is there to welcome warmer weather than with ice cream? Milk Bar has several locations around the city and their specialties—cereal milk ice cream and birthday cake truffles—do not disappoint.


  1. Bryant Park Makers Market

The Makers Market, new this year, is the spring edition of the popular Winter Village. It features more than 80 vendors, including vintage retailers, artists and crafters, designers, and specialty food vendors. The dates for the Market are May 10–12, May 17–19 and May 31–Jun 2. It’s a great place to walk around, browsing and enjoying the park.

Image result for bryant park makers market


BONUS: A couple more great options for a spring day that we didn’t quite get to…

  1. Picnic in Central Park

Make your own picnic, or even purchase a premade one, complete with blanket and basket, online. There are a variety of ready-to-go picnics available throughout the city. Search NYC food tour picnic, and you’ll come up with plenty.

  1. Queens Night Market

This one will probably require more travel, depending on where you stay, but it’s a unique experience with plenty to justify the trip. The market is open every Saturday from April 20thto August 17thfrom 5PM to 12AM, and features artists, food and craft vendors, and live entertainment. The food all looks delicious, and the wide range of vendors welcomes any crowd.

Related image

Enjoy the sunshine, and if you have any ideas to add to the list, drop them in the comments!

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