Intuitive Eating in College

intuitive eating

Principle 9 contains a very helpful idea. This section proposes that emotional eating can actually serve a purpose. Once you’re eating intuitively the majority of the time, finding yourself overeating is a clear indicator to let you know that something in your life is off. You know that some part of yourself needs extra attention because it’’s leading to this coping mechanism. By decoupling the idea of emotional eating from feelings of guilt, it becomes instead an ally in taking care of yourself. Since going back to school for second semester, I have already seen how helpful this can be.

More on Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating

The next section I worked through is all about challenging beliefs about food, both internal and external. At first, I didn’t think much about this concept. I figured I knew all about thoughts warning against “unhealthy” foods. But this section really highlighted how easily an encounter with a well-meaning “food police” could throw me off.

Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating, To Do

I’ve never explicitly talked about this on my blog, but most people who know me have some idea of my history with an eating disorder. I tend to feel like I’m being special snowflakey when I mention it, but I’ve learned that that mindset is incredibly common and incredibly problematic. It keeps so many people from seeking the help that they truly need, because they don’t see themselves as “sick enough.” I never want anyone else to feel like they can’t talk about it, so I know that I should.