Eating a Balanced Diet After Wisdom Tooth Removal


I have no problems with the traditional post-oral surgery meals of ice cream and italian ice. Honestly, that’s the best time to eat those things and you should definitely treat yo self when you’re in that kind of pain. But when I looked ahead to my own wisdom tooth extraction, I started looking for other options because a) As much as I love ice cream, it would get old if that was all I ate., and b) theres no way my stomach could handle that and c) Your body needs more nutrients to heal those mouth wounds!

So, here’s some ideas to help you branch out from ice cream when chewing is not an option.
1. Cream of wheat– Wait! Before you close the window right there hear me out. It’s not just an old person food. Oatmeal requires too much chewing, but the texture of cream of wheat is perfect. Try the Cinnabon flavor, it tastes like dessert, I swear.

2. Sweet Potatoes: Well-done, of course. You can boil them or microwave them and add cinnamon and butter (I think coconut butter tastes great on it), for a healthy carbohydrate and Vitamin A-rich snack.

3. Yogurt: Okay, so it’s not that different from ice cream in texture BUT it usually contains fewer calories, a LOT more protein (Greek yogurt especially), and if you buy the probiotic kind, you’ll get those benefits too!

4.Fruit Squeezes: They come in flavors of all different fruits and they’re hella convienient. Look for the ones that contain vegetables, too!

5. Smoothie Bowls: You can’t use a straw with stitches in your mouth, so a smoothie bowl is a good compromise, here. Again, try to incorporate fruits and vegetables to get a wider variety of nutrients.

6. Soup: Puree soups like tomato or butternut squash are a nice savory reprieve from all the fruity and sweet foods.

7. My favorite: Halo Top Ice Cream: If you haven’t hear about Halo Top yet, you’re missing out (But also I’m glad to be the one to tell you about it 🙂 Halo Top is “light ice cream” that contains only about 5g of sugar 60-80 calories per serving, depending on the flavor. It also contains about 5g of protein in each serving, so eating the whole pint wouldactually be a pretty great deal. Especially because its really, really good. No fake-sugar, fake-dessert taste here. It comes in 17 different flavors and can be found at most health food stores and Target.
Good luck, and enjoy!